For Anyone Who Loves Singing

How To Sing

  • Improve your breath control
  • Extend your vocal range and sing smoothly from the bottom to the top
  • Improve your clarity, flexibility and resonance
  • Learn how to read music

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What We Do

The Belinda Gillam Sing Studio is for anyone who loves singing and wants to do it better!

Hi There.  My name is Belinda Gillam.  I’ve been a singer, teacher and choral conductor for over 20 years.  I love singing and I have a passion for assisting others who love singing to work towards their goals.

Maybe you’re an ‘Empty Nester’ and finally have time to do something for yourself.  Or perhaps you’re a younger person with dreams of a career in music theatre.  Or maybe you’ve sung in a choir for years and have been happy blending into the group, but now you want to find your own voice.  Or perhaps you just want to learn how to sing!

If you’re interested in improving your voice but don’t know where to start, contact me to organise a complimentary half hour lesson and start working towards reaching your vocal goals.

“Your patience is a virtue particularly when something doesn’t quite work.  That simply means that I feel it’s ok that it’s not quite right yet.  I also appreciate your positive feedback.  It’s very nerve racking singing in front of someone so that positive feedback (and patience) makes it so much easier.



“Good environment for the lessons – sound wise and peaceful.  Professionally run (studio).  I enjoy Belinda’s enthusiasm and patience too.”



Individual Singing Lessons

Individual singing lessons are available to help you
– sing with a relaxed, natural technique
– improve your breath control
– extend your vocal range and sing smoothly from the bottom to the top
– improve your clarity, flexibility and resonance
– learn how to read music

Choirs And Singing Groups

If individual singing lessons are not your thing, you might be interested in joining a group, where you will experience the joy of singing in harmony with others.  

Contact Belinda directly for more information and bookings 

0409 858 132

“Belinda gives us both an opportunity to see what we could do, not just what we can (already) do, in a very positive and supportive way.  Thank you for our lessons last year.  We have enjoyed them so much.” 

Sue And Audrey


“On behalf of Singularity I want to convey our thanks and congratulations for your outstanding leadership and direction of the four Choirs’ performance of Elijah last Sunday.  Your efforts were greatly appreciated by all our singers.”


President Singularity Choir

Ready To Improve Your Singing!

Contact Belinda for more information 0409 858 132

Whether you prefer individual singing lessons or singing with a group (or both!)  I’m happy to help you along your singing journey, whichever path you choose. 

Contact Belinda for more information or book a complimentary lesson now