Local Singing Lessons And Singing Teacher For Mitcham



For anyone who loves Singing

Learn How To Sing

  • Improve your breath control
  • Extend your vocal range and sing smoothly from the bottom to the top
  • Improve your clarity, flexibility and resonance
  • Learn how to read music

Individual Singing Lessons

Individual singing lessons are available to help you
– sing with a relaxed, natural technique
– improve your breath control
– extend your vocal range and sing smoothly from the bottom to the top
– improve your clarity, flexibility and resonance
– learn how to read music

I had been singing for years as a soloist and with choirs, but often felt tension and tiredness in my voice after rehearsals and performances.  Since commencing training with an Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) teacher, I’ve been able to sing for longer without experiencing vocal fatigue.  I also have increased control over my timbre, dynamics and intonation across my whole range.  As an IVA student teacher, I’m delighted to be able to pass these techniques on to my own students.

The Belinda Gillam Sing Studio is located in Mount Evelyn, an easy drive from most townships in Yarra Ranges, Maroondah and Knox.  Lessons are available weekly, fortnightly or on a casual basis on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Institute for Vocal Advancement

Lesson Fees

60 mins $80
45 mins $60
30 mins $40

Discount for 5 pre-paid lessons
5 X 60 mins $350 ($70 per lesson)
5 X 45 mins $262.50 ($52.50 per lesson)
5 X 30 mins $175 ($35 per lesson)

Choir And Singing Groups

If individual singing lessons are not your thing, you might be interested in joining a group, where you will experience the joy of singing in harmony with others.

I am the Musical Director of Yarra Valley Singers, an adult community choir with groups rehearsing in Montrose on Tuesday mornings and Lilydale on Wednesday nights.  Check out the Yarra Valley Singers website and contact the manager if you would like to come and try either of the groups.

Link to Yarra Valley Singers website

Alternatively, if you and a group of friends would like to start a choir or singing group in another location and are looking for a musical director, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.  

Many people start singing in a group and then decide to take singing lessons later when they realise they love it so much they want to be able to do it better.  Others are more than happy to just remain part of the combined sound with others.  I’m happy to help you along your singing journey, whichever path you choose!



Belinda Gillam 0409 858 132

Email : belinda@belindagillamsingstudio.com.au

Studio Location : 5 King Street, Mount Evelyn Vic 3796

Mail : PO Box 282, Mount Evelyn Vic 3796